查看完整版本 : part time English teacher wanted

21st March 2009, 20:49
Native English instructor or ABC for Children bewteen 8~15 years old. Near Nan Gang MRT station. Or bus at 南港行政中心(Nan Gang administration center station) Teaching hours:Tuesday 5:00~8:00(30min ~1 hour dinner break in between)Wed.7:30~9:30, Thursday 5:00~8:00(30min ~1 hour dinner break in between) and Fri.7:30~9:30 , Initially will only be given one class, after one month, 3 classes will be given. Please call:02 2788 7572, 26522107(after 2pm), or 0918738831 or e-mail:new.english@msa.hinet.net

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