查看完整版本 : Looking for foreigners to go on TV show

27th April 2009, 01:33
We are looking for foreigners living in Taiwan who would like to participate in a TV show:Program Details:- Type: Talk show- Channel: Videoland Television- Program length: 60 minutes- Program date: every Monday to Friday 21:00Program Plan:Each episode of the show will invite foreigners of different nationalities to participate in the program with specialized theme to introduce Taiwan and other nationalities' customs, popular entertainment, "KUSO" or individual surprising views about Taiwan. How do foreigners view Taiwan?! What is so good about it?! In each episode, six foreign guests will show and share their own experiences, real life in Taiwan and culture shocks through interactive approach. Let the cultural exchange began and watch "Videoland Television Channel"If we find some very good foreigners who are good on the show, we would like to have them keep coming on the show every time.Participant Qualification:1. Individuals that have lively personality, self-confidence, and have the courage to show.2. No restrictions on nationality, age, occupation, or gender.3. Have basic knowledge of and be able to communicate in Chinese.4. Have legal residence permit in Taiwan.5. For those who need work permits, please assist the production department to apply.Please contact me for details and an application form:Mickey lee (李育如 小姐)Office: (02)2634-9292 #556 Cell: 0930-952-846MSN: rice19860616@hotmail.comEmail: love805616@yahoo.com.twWhen you contact me, please tell me that you heard about the show on MYU.Thank you.

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