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MYU 20th February 2021 06:54

▊Conversation Class for Adult Students
Do you like FUN conversation classes with adult students? Are you looking for some extra teaching hours? 【MISSION】At MDT we offer fun, small group conversation classes in English. Our students are intelligent and are very curious adults, so in class you will lead conversations, while at the same time helping students to improve their English fluency. Furthermore, you can decide when you want to teach and the topics for the conversations.【BUSINESS MODEL】​We offer a few discussion based classes covering several topics from BBC news, The Economist, Vox, and many more. This gives our customers plenty of options to choose from. We also try very hard to keep our prices reasonable so that we can have a wider audience. 【ADDITIONAL DETAILS】❶ The average class will range from 4-8 students.❷ The salary starts at NTD800/hr❸ Hours are flexible, but nights and weekends are the most popular.❹ We try to select a conveniently located classroom for each teacher. (Guting, SongJiangNanJing, NanJingFuXing, XinYiAnHe)To learn more about our offer, please go to:➤➤ MDT Become a Teacher direct your CV to the following address:


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