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MYU 16th September 2019 23:50

English Teacher
Hello I want to find a teacher(native English speaker) to help my children group a DWE play-group.If you havn't ever heard about DWE, that would be OK.DWE (Disney World Family English) is a set of book that teach kids English. I will provide you some info about DWE.about the course as follows:Children should be around 3 to 6 years old.It may be 5-8 kids.The content of the course is expected to be 30%~40% of DWE, plus the expanded content.Guide the course through games and activities,Teaching materials (ex study sheets, audio files) for the class can be provided to parents.Have more than one years of experience in teaching English for preschool children. Time : around 5 -8PM on weekdays.(one hour a week)Location : near Juy-Guang Elementary school , Nanxun District, Kaohsiung CityIf you are interested, you can contact with me.Thank you


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