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徵教師廣告 在這可張貼求才資訊。

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舊 14th May 2009, 18:06
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預設 年代今晚誰當家徵求外國人妻 (TV Show opportunity)

ERA TV Seeks Foreign Brides for TV ProgramERA TV is looking for foreign women married to Taiwanese men to audition for a TV program.Seeking Women Who are:1. Currently Married to Taiwanese citizens and living together in Taiwan.2. Foreign brides from all parts of the world welcome, native English-speaking AND non-native English speaking countries.3. Outgoing, demonstrative ladies with good communication skills in Chinese or Taiwanese.4. Under 40 years of age.5. Friendly, out-going, demonstrative ladies with a basic understanding of Taiwan's culture.Please email a brief personal biography to or or . Any questions please call 02-5571-1011(Ms. Hsieh) or 02-5571-1005(Ms. Chen) or 02-55711008(Ms. Hsu)When you contact us, please tell us that you heard about the show on MYU.We offer a travel allowance each time. If you like Taiwan's culture, please don't miss this opportunity to be a star on TV!AUDITIONSDates: MayLocation: 1F, No.39, Rueihu St., Neihu., TaipeiAudition Duration: 60 minutesPRODUCTIONDuration of Taping: 1 to 2 hours per show.Total Recording Time – varies according to production. Multiple shows may be recorded on each day. 年代電視台節目徵選特別嘉賓年代電視台節目籌畫最新訪談節目,節目主要方向是訪問外籍媳婦在台灣生活所面臨各種有趣情況。此次徵選對象為:1. 嫁給台灣人並在台灣本地生活的外籍媳婦。2. 國語或台語的聽說能力,表達流暢。3. 年齡在40歲以下。4. 個性活潑、外表具親和力、對台灣文化有初步認識。如試鏡通過成為節目嘉賓,當集錄影將提供車馬費。喜愛台灣文化的外籍朋友,不可錯過這個上節目秀自己的好機會。欲參加徵選的朋友請email簡歷,附照片、聯絡電話。相關問題請洽02-5571-1005(陳小姐) 或 02-5571-1011 (謝小姐)




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