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徵教師廣告 在這可張貼求才資訊。

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舊 16th February 2009, 01:30
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I have two students who are looking for a replacement teacher after I am gone. One is a Japanese boy of 8. He isn¡¦t very bright and is he also highly sensitive (prone to tears and whining, but thankfully not too often). You need patience with him. He is a sweet boy, though. He lives in Tienmu. Pay is 700NT an hour for 1.5 hours every Thu at 6pm, but of course you can negotiate a better deal with them if you wish. They also pay up to 200NT for transportation each time. So, for about a half hour¡¦s travel plus 1.5 hours¡¦ teaching, you get 1,250NT. The second one is a very very bright Taiwanese 10 year old girl looking for a British teacher. She was raised in Leeds, England, and would very much like to continue her British education with a teacher with very high standards, who sets such standards for herself/himself and for her student. She¡¦s extremely quick but a bit lazy and sloppy. Her parents pay me 850NT an hour because of my U.K. teaching qualification, every Mon at 8pm. You¡¦d have to negotiate something with them; there is no guarantee they will pay you this much if you¡¦re not British and you don¡¦t have a teaching qualification. (Use your gumption and see if you can convince them to.) They do not pay for transportation. Get off at Shandao Shr Temple MRT exit 5 and walk at least 10 mins. Both kids are shy but they¡¦re used to being bullied by me. ƒº My commission (for an introduction) is that you come over to mine and buy at least a few items from my for-sale list, to help me pay for my PhD in the States. I have a lengthy list of books, European antiques, clothes, designer skincare, some DVDs, and assorted / miscellaneous household goods.

Find out more about this English tutor job.



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