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徵教師廣告 在這可張貼求才資訊。

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舊 16th March 2009, 10:11
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預設 There's a nice employer looking for a TUTOR.

City: Neihu (Taipei City) near D-Mart Department StoreClass Location: Cafe (Go Dutch)Time: Mon, Tue or Thu (7:00 or 8:00pm, 2-hour per time, once a week)Pay: NT$600 (per hour)Payment Term: Per time (aft class)Diploma: Bachelor upSpecial Requirement:1. British, American and Canadian would be preferable. ( No America born Chinese or immigrants.)2. Adult teaching experience would be preferable.3. Mandarin speaking would not be necessary.4. Patien, knowledgeble and stable characters would be necessary.5. 30-60 mins for a free interview to each otherThe benefits for you to teach me:1. I seldom ask teacher to answer my questions out of class. ( ex: I never ask teacher to bring my writting home and correct it. I seldom call teacher for solving my problems on phone.)2. I just ended a tutor class with a Canadian Chinese who taught me Eng. for over 4 years. So, my Eng is good enough to communite with you.)3. I love to learn Eng with you via talking about my life. It's not that kinda serious classes talk about examinations. I'll share commercial mails from my work. Some of them are tricky. But, I'm sure it's definetely easy to Eng native speakers.4. I'm a girl, 24 years old. I'm easy-going. My tutor always got fun in classes.Main purposes of the class:Speaking and writting correction. Reading and Listening enhancement.Look forward to hearing from you soon. Plz don't hesitate to mail me, should you have questions.




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