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徵教師廣告 在這可張貼求才資訊。

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舊 31st July 2009, 21:59
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預設 English teachers needed!

Expectations To work within the team with both Foreign English Teachers and Chinese Teachers. To prepare a well written detail lesson plan one day ahead of the class. To provide a safe and positive learning environment for all the students. To follow the currilum provide by Learning First. To write syllabi for each class every term. To mark weekly quizzes, mid-terms and final exams. To provide open communication with all co-workers. To work the hours assigned . To arrive at Learning First 30 minutes before your first class. To maintain the appropriate paperwork (classroom check lists, class summary sheets etc.) To provide an educational and informative classroom. To provide a professional relationship with the parents. To participate in with an enthusiastic attitude on field trips and excursions. To participate and assist with school plays and events (such as Christmas play, story telling contests, speech contests, etc.) To have a professional appearance and following the Learning First dress code. To complete all other duties as requested by supervisors.




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