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舊 25th March 2017, 15:45
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預設 personal Enghish tutor

my highest educational background is PH.D .I major in Psychology and Nature Medicine. I would like to strengthen and improve my English prounciation and conversation skills..Course Requirements:generally chatting. I would like a native English spearker foreign tutor , and can discuss with me on current events, as well as on conversational topics , including technology, philosophy, politics, entertainment, and health, with family and friends ect.I am very interesting in English dialogue sessions covering a wide range of subjects. I do'nt need any on hand materials. I would like a chance to practice spearking and listening. no business only learn and chat, and I do'nt like any presure in my study..Classes are all in English once a week. Location : near Blue line MRT City Hall station. Every Monday or Thursday 13:00~2:30 is convenient for me . Lean by face to face and one-to-one. Ps : If the tutor have interesting in my special case . Please send photo and resume to me. My line ID: hoyen123 ; e-mail:




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